Our mission is to build a Christ centred church that impacts our dying world with a bible based teaching that transforms lives from a redemptive perspective of Christ finished work of the cross.


We are truly the voice of change and the hope of the nations, as darkness invades the world daily,the light of the church shines daily through the avenue of good and sound biblical teachings impacting generations with their Christ birthright
We as a church are bent on bringing a Christ centred message of global salvation for all men through his sufferings,death,burial,resurrection,ascension and him being seated.
Vanguard of grace church is place where men can find eternal acceptance, love, forgiveness,mercy with GOD
A church committed to bringing people to a place of constant renewal through the preaching of the message of grace and the dream of developing people to spiritual maturity through Bible studies, small groups, seminars, retreats, and schools for all ages, equipping our generation for the kingdom.

I envisage a church writing and producing a Christ centred music for churches praise and worship reaching beyond the walls of our nation