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He is the general overseer of Vanguard Of Grace Church and he is a deep lover of God. He is married to Mrs Teressa Oniru with 3Boys.
Co-labourer in the vineyard

Our Major Programs

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End Of The Year Praise Service

Consultative Selling Skills provides a powerful roadmap for a successful need-based dialogue.

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New Year Service

High Performance Selling drives results through sales process, deal strategy, and dialogue skills training.

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End of the year Cross Over Service

Cosine’s Sales Negotiation Training helps develop the skills needed to negotiate win-win opportunities.

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Thanksgiving Service for the year

Cosine’s Trusted Advisor Training Program teaches the skills to develop a trusted, preferred provider.

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Christmas Day Service

Sales Coaching Training
transforms the traditional role of a sales manager.

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We are taking the solid Gospel of Christ to every part of the world.

What We Believe

Statement of Beliefs

-We believe in one GOD, eternal, the creator of all things
-His existence is manifested in three persons, the father,the son and the Holy Spirit.
-We believe that the bible is GOD’S word,written under divine inspiration, with accuracy and carries divine authority.
-We believe that all have sinned and are all short of the glory of GOD, sin has separated us all from GOD.
-We believe in the atoning power of Jesus’ blood to reconcile ALL MEN to GOD.
-We believe CHRIST is GOD’S man and man GOD in the flesh that redeem ed and reconcile ALL MEN back to GOD through his death on the cross.
-The finished work of the cross becomes the final payment for ALL SINS.
-We believe in the confession of SIN so as RECEIVE the forgiveness of SIN
-We believe in the ritual of water baptism, communion and operating in the power gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT revealed through dream, vision, prophecy, including the gift of speaking in tongue.
-We believe in the fellowship of the Saints together and sharing of our worldly goods,material substance.
-We believe in the receiving of tithes and offerings from a heart that is generous towards a GOD that is even more generous than us, without condemnation
-We believe our fellowship together should make positive impact on the community we are located
-We also believe in the love of GOD that promises eternal security, the GRACE of GOD secures the future and not our human effort
-We believe that our eternal destination of either Heaven or hell is determined by our response to the Lord Jesus Christ.
-We believe in the one-time, time of the end, that Jesus came to bring about, that is not pending but realized.
-We believe in the comings of our LORD and SAVIOUR to the world without any restrictions.

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